Romsey Backgammon Ladder


You can challenge anyone within 3 places of yourself on the ladder.

Matches can be of any length, played online or offline as the two players agree

Matches will NOT be logged on UKBGF, nor will they count towards 'Winning Streaks'

Players record their own results in the dedicated "Record Results" panel on this page ( see below).

Actual match results are not recorded anywhere, just the places in the ladder are swapped if the lower player won.

Ladder match results must NOT be logged in the Slack channel Results_here_please

Ladder matches are NOT recorded in UKBGF Database and do not count towards a players winning streak

Two players cannot play a rematch until at least one of them has played a different opponent

Rematches cannot be played on the same day as the original match

New joiners will be added at the bottom of the ladder

 Record Result
Position Player
Date Winner Loser